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7:30 AM - 8:30 AM              Networking, Breakfast, Welcome & Introduction

8:30 AM               Retail and Mixed-Use Projects: Opportunities and Trends

  • How is the new tax law impacting Retail & Mixed-Use and Commercial RE in general

  • Supermarket Anchor Centers: Is it still the future or a thing of the past

  • How has Retail, Mixed-Use projects changed over the last 3/5 years

  • How are landlords/owners re-purposing their space

  • Developing challenges for Retail, Mixed-Use and the Restaurant industry

  • Retail Investment sales, what are the trends, who’s buying and selling

  •  How are retailers doing in today’s economy: who is still expanding in NJ and why

  • What’s in store for development in 2020 and Beyond

  •  Future Trends and Leasing predictions and what’s on tap for future Development

9:30 AM               Apartment Market/Multifamily Overview:

  • What is driving the Apartment and Multifamily Market and where do you see it in 2 years

  • With vacancies at record lows, how does NJ stack up compared to the rest of the U.S.

  • Debt and equity markets, debt funds, vs banks and the Agencies/yield compression in relation to the institutional, domestic and off shore equity in the markets  today

  • Who are the buyers and do you see the landscape changing for asset capital providers 

  • What are the outside influences that are creating momentum in the Apartment Market

  • How are apartment/multifamily brokers getting deals done today

  • The changing fundamentals of Apartments and Multifamily

  • New Development vs. Existing: Where are the opportunities and why

10:30 AM         Office Market Evaluation & Today’s Tenant Requirements

  • Vacancy Rates: New Jersey office market update  

  • Leasing trends: what projects are leasing up and why

  • What are the factors driving demand  

  • How has the needs of tenants affected what brokers need to know

  • What are the requirements of today’s tenants and what do terms look like today

  • Predictions on where the office market will be in the next two years


11:30  AM        Networking

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