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Best of 2021 

MAREJ presents the annual "Best of 2021"! Become a part of this spotlight in our upcoming March 18th edition and display your company's hard work in 2021. "Best of 2021" will highlight your company's largest developments, major financial transactions, largest office, retail & industrial transactions, most unusual architectural & construction projects. 

"Best of 2021" will feature the owners, brokers, developers & vendors who made it all happen this past year! 

To be highlighted in this annual & prestigious issue click on the Nomination Form to fill out an application & submit the form to by February 22nd! 

For more information on "Best of 2021" or the Nomination Form contact Lea Christman 


Nomination Form 

 A Look at "Best of 2020"


The deadline for this issue is February 22nd

The publication date for this issue is March 18th

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