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Trends in the office market are constantly evolving, having gone from smaller footprints to coworking spaces, then back to traditional offices exploding with services and amenities. In order to attract younger employees and create an environment for collaboration, employers are loading offices with all...

Many people are unfamiliar with the commercial appraisal/valuation process. The appraisal process is defined as "a systematic procedure employed to provide the answer to a client's question about the value of real property." Appraisals can be ordered at any given time to determine the current market va...

Industrial developers seeking a high quality, affordable site in an emerging market might want to take a look at an aging former military installation in Oldmans Township, NJ. 
The Sievers-Sandberg U.S. Army Reserve Center was closed in 2012, and the federal government is looking to sell the land for p...

The strength and pace of development in the multifamily market during the first six months of 2018 will play a major role in the growth of other segments during the second half of the year. Though the overall market could be influenced by inventory, access to capital and local tax laws, the forecast is...

Commercial real estate values closed out 2017 on a strong note, with lower expense ratios and higher income for most sectors. But some are sensing change afoot as the Federal Reserve appears primed to raise interest rates more aggressively in 2018.

Borrowers have enjoyed a long period of low rates to in...

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