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Early Bird Rate $99
Regular Rate $129
(Walk-Ins Welcome - $149 Day of Event)

7:55 AM Welcome & Introduction

8:00 AM 2017 Pittsburgh Apartment Market Overview: State of The Industry
• With vacancies at record lows how does Pittsburg stack up compared to the rest of the U.S.
• Current State of the Market: Vacancy & Absorption Rates
• How demographic shifts are driving demand in Apartments
• What is driving the Apartment Market in the Pittsburgh region
• What are the outside influences that are creating momentum in the Apartment Market
• Tenant Expectations: Which types of services are new tenants demanding from owners
• How are apartment brokers getting deals done today
• The changing fundamentals of Apartments
• New Development vs. Existing: Where are the opportunities and why
• Downtown vs. Suburban: Where is the activity and why
• How to operate your Apartment Building for Success

9:00 AM Capital’s Comeback: The Evolution of Apartment Financing
• What type of deals are HUD, Fannie & Freddie looking to target today
• How has underwriting changed
• What is the future for the agency lenders
• What is the outlook for 2017 and beyond for lenders, buyers, sellers, developers and investors?
• Who is lending, and what are some alternative sources of capital?
• Which deals are more likely to get done and what are the capital requirements
• What changes should we expect in underwriting criteria and how can we get deals done
• Leveraging Alternative Financing Solutions to get deals done
• What types of governmental programs are available and how do I access them?

9:55 AM Break

10:05 AM What’s the Future of Apartment Investments in Pittsburgh
• 2016 Investment Sales Recap:  Was it a record year and what will 2017 bring?
• Where are CAP Rates at and where are they headed
• How do you underwrite and evaluating properties in today’s marketplace
• What type of yields should you expect and What are the fundamentals today
• How is today’s economy and the housing market affecting the Apartment Industry
• What type of outside capital is flowing into Pittsburgh
• Growing trends and what can we expect in the next 1 to 2 years
• Ideas to help improve your yield and increase the value of your property

11:00 AM Building a Successful Project from Start to Finish
• Game Changing Projects that will change the Look of Pittsburgh for the future
• Where is the biggest potential for growth in Pittsburgh
• How to turn misfortune into fortune in apartments
• The Importance of Design and how will it attract tenants
• What new projects have been completed recently and what is currently under construction
• Case studies of successful projects that have been developed and built right
• Emerging trends in the Apartment Development & Construction
• The importance of building a strong partnership with a municipality
• Future Prediction on Apartment Development and Construction in Pittsburgh

12:00 PM Adjourn & Networking

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