Pennrose Management Company launches Pennrose Academy

Philadelphia, PA —Pennrose Management Company announced the launch of Pennrose Academy as the foundation of the organization’s development and learning programs. Pennrose Academy was established to develop an internal brand that makes learning and development opportunities easier for employees to access and recognize. Designed to provide targeted, business-aligned learning and talent development programs, resources, and services, Pennrose Academy will facilitate measurable performance improvement while accelerating Pennrose’s human capital strengths.

The Pennrose program was developed based on best practices in the learning and development field, as well as end-user feedback. All programs will be grounded in measurable performance, setting Pennrose Academy apart from many other training programs. Pennrose Academy will be led by Michael Pico, Pennrose’s vice president, learning and employee development. Pico has more than 15 years leading organizational transformation through critical learning, training and leadership development programs both in the U.S. and abroad.

“Pennrose’s investment in and commitment to learning and development will provide employees with a consistent approach to their career growth and development,” said Pico. “The ultimate goal for our organization is have measurable performance outcomes and thereby more engaged employees.”

Pennrose Academy combines both job skills training and professional development. The curriculum has been developed around the organization’s core learning needs, and will be focused on professional development, leadership, housing and service training. Each of these categories will provide education and training opportunities that are fundamental for performing position responsibilities. It will provide learning and development opportunities to enhance the capabilities of individuals and better support them for advancement within the organization.

“Property management is a complex business and we have high expectations for our employees,” said Lee J. Felgar, president, Pennrose Management Company. “Pennrose Academy was created to give individuals the tools and resources to be successful here at Pennrose where we continue to build our strength for the growth ahead.”

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