Singer Financial Corp.: Your Hard Money Solution

Over the last few years, we have seen large commercial banks move away from small business lending to oth​​er fee based services. The typical Singer Financial Corp. (“SFC”) potential borrower has already sought and been rejected for financing from the commercial bank with whom the borrower has an existing banking relationship. Many of these borrowers were surprised when existing lines of credit were not renewed, or requests for new financing denied.

Our experience is that small business faces a difficult economy and a tidal-wave of increasing government regulation. The result of this new reality is reduced profits and financial problems. Many small businesses now find that they can no longer get the secure financing they need from their commercial banks because they no longer “fit” the bank’s ‘lending profile”.

SFC is able to provide a financing solution to these borrowers by allowing them to tap into the equity in their real estate. Our business model allows us to make commercial loans that the big commercial banks are no longer willing to make. We remain committed to providing small businesses with the capital needed to address the many myriad of problems that they face.

Singer Financial Corp., a private financial institution, makes real estate-secured commercial loans. We are located in Center City Philadelphia and have over 25 years of commercial lending experience. SFC is a private direct portfolio lender. We offer loans up to 1 million dollars and will consider lending up to 60% of the value of a borrower’s property. SFC’s loan rates start as low as 11% and we offer loan terms up to 5 years.

SFC primarily focuses on lending in South-eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. We offer fast, courteous and professional service. Borrowers can obtain a loan commitment in as little as 2 business days and we can close on a loan in as fast as 5 business days after commitment. We pride ourselves on offering creative solutions to your business problems. When the large commercial banks say “No”, SFC can offer a solution by providing commercial financing to buy inventory, alleviate short-term cash flow problems, expand your business, avoid foreclosure and loan work-outs. If your business has a problem and needs financing, call us at 215-893-9722 and let’s discuss how we can help solve your problem.