MaGrann Assoc. introduces energy savings guarantee

Mount Laurel, NJ – Builders can now offer customers a guarantee of their new home’s future energy performance – total energy usage, not just savings achieved with new heating and cooling systems. Maximum energy usage is guaranteed for two years! If a household’s actual annual energy consumption is higher than guaranteed, MaGrann’s eGuarantee for Homes* will pay up to 100% of the difference over the energy usage projection, estimated by a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) certification.

“This guarantee adds significant value to a new home and increases consumer confidence,” said Mark MaGrann, founder and CEO of the energy/building consulting and engineering firm. “We’re very proud to add eGuarantee for Homes to our expanding portfolio of services and to be the first firm in the marketplace to introduce guaranteed energy savings.”

“As reducing energy consumption continues to become more and more important, homebuyers welcome energy-efficiency certifications,” MaGrann added. “Guaranteed energy savings will be even more welcome. This will help our builders sell more homes.”

MaGrann Associates assists builders in applying for the program, provides training and marketing materials, performs the final certification to determine guaranteed energy usage levels, and serves as liaison to Bonded Builders Warranty Group.

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