Ben LoPiccolo Development Group attends ribbon cutting

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Jersey City, NJ — On Thursday, May 14th, Mayor Steve Fulop led a 150th anniversary celebration that also commemorated a new chapter for one of his city’s most beloved and historically significant buildings, Boniface Lofts, 260 First St. in Jersey City’s Downtown neighborhood.Ceremonies included a ribbon cutting ceremony and remarks by Mayor Fulop and Ben LoPiccolo of Ben LoPiccolo Development Group, LLC – who turned this 19th century church into 21st century residential units. Boniface Lofts is the former Saint Boniface church, whose cornerstone was laid on May 7th 1865.“This project exemplifies the best of Jersey City, because it brings together the old and the new,” said Mayor Fulop. “Boniface Lofts embraces our historical past by preserving a beautiful building, but also makes it part of our vibrant community in the present. By keeping this beautiful architecture intact, Ben LoPiccolo showed that historical buildings still have a lot to offer the community and should be preserved.”Boniface Lofts features nine unique condominiums whose interiors incorporate the arched doorways, pillars and other original design elements of the original gothic-styled church. The restoration preserved the architectural integrity this three story – plus mezzanine level – structure, which includes red brick and brownstone accents set on a bluestone foundation and spectacular, hand-crafted stained glass windows. The Ribbon Cutting ceremony marked the completion of one of LoPiccolo’s most ambitious projects to date, but also one of his most personally gratifying. “It is very fulfilling to bring this project to completion and make sure a 150 year old building stays in the community,” said Ben LoPiccolo. “As a developer, it is very gratifying to keep this connection to our past. Boniface Lofts combines the artistry and craftsmanship of one era with the artistry and craftsmanship of the 21st century.”

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