Greystar: Company overview

Greystar provides world-class service in the multifamily real estate industry. Our business model fully integrates the management, investment, and development disciplines of the multifamily industry on international, national, regional, and local levels. Our dedication to Redefining Excellence in Apartment Living begins by building authentic partnerships with our clients and taking the time to understand the depth and complexity of their needs to provide customized, performance-enhancing service. We’re constantly exploring and implementing innovative ideas and new technologies to serve our residents and clients.

A Trusted Partner for Performance Success

Greystar has experience in all multifamily property types and strategies combined with comprehensive support services and our revenue-enhancing Advantage Solutions platform. With our focus on leveraging opportunities that lead to asset growth for clients, we understand the challenges a property owner can face, and are proud to offer a wealth of services to make the management of your community smooth and efficient.

Local Expertise Backed by an International Platform

In over 140 markets, managing nearly 400,000 units globally, our 10,000+ team members support client needs by tailoring solutions with the goal of maximizing asset value. At Greystar, we understand that effective property management requires in-depth local-market knowledge and the ability to respond swiftly as conditions change. This commitment to local expertise is strengthened by the support, revenue-generating services, and economies of scale provided by our national organization. Overall, our clients experience positive impact in efficient operations, increased revenue, and reduced cost, resulting in elevated asset value. “From the very beginning, we have focused on being an ‘evergreen’ company. We know that real estate is cyclical, so our balanced focus on both the service side and the principal side of the business gives us opportunities to help clients grow at any stage of the cycle,” said Bob Faith, founder, chairman, and CEO

Doing Things the Right Way

Our mission at Greystar is to enrich the lives we touch by doing things the right way. We are committed to integrity, to our team members, to our customers, to performance, to quality, and to the future.We maintain a constant focus on our Pillars of Excellence, which are the foundation of everything we do – from corporate decision-making to resident relations. These measureable standards of success are part of how we are Redefining Excellence in Apartment Living. Our success is also based on our strict adherence to the Core Values that make up the backbone of Greystar. Together, these pillars and values provide a roadmap for our decisions and a benchmark for our actions.

Property Management

With nearly 400,000 units under management, our reach spans 40 states, as well as the U.K., the Netherlands, and Mexico, supported by local experts in 36 city offices. Effective property management requires precise local market knowledge and the ability to respond swiftly as local conditions change. Our multifamily experts are local to the markets they serve, and possess strong industry experience with proven track records.

Investment Management

Greystar Investment Management is focused on the goal of generating attractive risk-adjusted returns on behalf of institutional partners through the acquisition of multifamily properties throughout the United States and internationally. Development and Construction ManagementGreystar has led the sponsorship of more than 75 multifamily development projects containing over 23,000 units, with a total capitalization of $4.7 billion. With development experience in all product types, we are able to identify and execute projects with the goal of providing the highest risk-adjusted returns. Our top priorities are client and resident satisfaction – that’s what drives us to develop and build top-quality living environments. From on-site construction experts to the highest levels of leadership, our devotion to quality and your complete satisfaction emanates throughout our organization.

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