The Kislak Company, Inc. recognizes its top women in business

What was your greatest professional accomplishment in 2015?

As a licensed agent in both NY and NJ I list from Northern NJ to NY Hudson Valley markets. This offers my clients listings covering desirable North Jersey investment opportunities as well as higher cap, no rent control Hudson Valley investment properties. I offer both market options, investment cap choice and a broad reach for prospective buyers outside local markets.

What was your most notable project, deal or transaction in 2015?

Continuing to get the lowest cap rates for my exclusive listings. Sold Village Place Apartments in Goshen, NY for $219,000 per unit, a 5 cap, which was a record price for Orange County, NY. Notable Bergen County 5 cap in Edgewater selling at $194,000 per unit and a 5 cap.

What impact has social media/networking had on your business?

Excellent. The client reach is extensive and immediate and facilitates all aspects of the transaction from listing to closing. The ability to use digital as well as unconventional marketing serves my clients with a larger and qualified buyer pool.Tell us how and when you began your career in the profession you are in, about your current position and why you chose the field/profession you are in today.About 18 years ago, I changed careers, moving from product marketing to real estate. After working two years in real estate development, I joined The Kislak Company, Inc., a real estate brokerage firm specializing in investment property, multifamily, retail and office, as a sales associate in 2001 and was promoted to vice president in 2006.

What were some of your early goals and did anything happen in you career/profession to change them?

My initial career objective was to work in product marketing with a national company. My entry began in sales and after a few years, I joined the Continental Group, working in marketing management. After ten years in the industry, I was looking for a more entrepreneurial career. Investment real estate was and remains a great fit for my skill set and personal objectives.

What qualities and/or personality traits do you feel make you most successful?

Organized, assertive, persistent, thorough and hard working. Enjoying people and having a sense of humor and a realistic and intuitive feel for what is required to make a deal.

What challenges/obstacles do you feel you needed to overcome to become as successful as you are today?

Persevering during the first few years when all you seem to experience is rejection. Relationship development and being a quick study of the total investment process, including the financial, legal and environmental aspects.

Do you feel there are any differences in the way that men and women develop business relationships and if so, what activities or venues do you participate in?

Everyone is unique in their skill development and social strengths. It varies by the individual, not sex origin. I participate in the industry associations and outside business and sports activities including golf and tennis. Currently a member of the NJAA, the NJ Professional Real Estate Women and the EWGA (Executive Women’s Golf Association). Tell us about your family. Married. My husband, Edward, is an attorney. We have two sons, Jason, 32, in consumer goods marketing as a brand manager, and Mark, 29, a real estate agent in Manhattan, NY.

What word of advice would you give to a woman about to go into your allied field?

Working hard and staying humble enough to listen and learn.

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