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New Jersey Governor's Message

Dear Friends: On behalf of the State of New Jersey, I am pleased to address commercial real estate professionals throughout the Mid Atlantic States in this issue of the Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal. From the onset, our Administration has pursued an aggressive strategy to expand economic growth, foster job creation and encourage investment. This strategy focuses on creating a business-friendly environment that provides the business community and job creators with the policies and support neccessary to invest and grow throughout New Jersey. Our State has attracted new business and helped existing businesses thrive by focusing on relationaship building and person to person outreach, promoting the State’s incentives and resources, developing pro-growth policies and assisting businesses in navigating state government and programs. Our workforce is among the best educated and our diverse range of industries makes New Jersey a destination for all business sectors. This publication serves as an excellent opportunity to recognize all commercial real estate professionals for their impact on New Jersey, and I commend all of you for your work in furthering the advancement in our State’s economic development. Best wishes for continued success.

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