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Launch of SwingSpace will transform commercial real estate leasing

Washington, DC — SwingSpace, a new online market for leasing, launched in Washington, DC, offering both tenants and landlords a simplified and faster leasing experience. SwingSpace brings the benefits of the shared economy to commercial real estate by offering highly customizable office space searches, with vibrant photos and first-of-its-kind video tours shot by SwingSpace itself. Potential tenants can find traditional office suites as well as extra office space, including sets of desks, in an existing tenant’s space. SwingSpace collapses all aspects of the office leasing process, including the leases themselves, into one turn-key service. “Finding space for small organizations is transformed by SwingSpace’s groundbreaking soup-to-nuts leasing model,” said Richard McBride, co-founder and CEO of SwingSpace. “Washington is home to scores of pop-up advocacy and political campaigns as well as non-profits with extra space, making it the ideal city to launch SwingSpace.” DC is the second largest office market in the nation with almost 470 million s/f of space. SwingSpace estimates that as much as ten percent of that -- or four to five million s/f -- is “phantom space,” which are suites and desks that go unused by office tenants for extended periods of time. SwingSpace creates a way for organizations to easily market and sublease their underutilized space. Making SwingSpace’s listings even more comprehensive are partnerships with commercial real estate brokers, landlords and other professionals including Cushman & Wakefield, Transwestern, Summit, McBride, Newmark, West, Lane & Schlager, JBG, Douglas Development, Liberty Property Trust, Borger Management, Fox Architects, Bialek Environmental and Palm Facility Services.

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