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NJ University captures the market on real estate degree programs

With the real estate market still on a rollercoaster ride, prices are still struggling to recover from a crippling recession, and catastrophic events, like Superstorm Sandy, are still wreaking havoc. There is a vital need for a greater understanding of the market and the ramifications of things like overbuilding, regulatory constraints, environmental and economic impacts, and affordable housing. Dr. Donald Moliver, Dean of the Leon Hess Business School, was the founder and the former director of the Kislak Real Estate Institute and the first recipient of the Steven J. and Elaine Pozycki Professorship in Real Estate Studies at Monmouth University. He received his BA from Fairleigh Dickinson University and Ph.D. from Virginia Tech. The Kislak Real Estate Institute is celebrating its 22nd anniversary this year. It provides students with actionable real estate knowledge and hands-on experience to enable them to adapt to the changes as leaders in their field. “We are in an elite group as the only institution in New Jersey that offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in real estate,” said Moliver, who added that there are fewer than 100 real estate programs nationwide.Success in real estate demands a broad understanding of many diverse areas of the industry. Factors such as overbuilding, increasingly complicated finance investments, environmental concerns, sophisticated legal issues, and demanding regulatory constraints are becoming increasingly important concerns. Individuals who lack the requisite skills and knowledge necessary to manage these issues are at a distinct disadvantage.

Monmouth University offers a variety of programs suited for professionals, graduate, and undergraduate students. The certificate program offered through the Kislak Institute is a multidisciplinary program that would suit established professionals who must make real estate decisions as investors, asset managers, consultants, developers, or officers of financial institutions. Professionals in allied fields such as architecture, accounting, and financial services will find that this program provides the conceptual and practical skill needed for a productive career related to commercial real estate. The program is the only executive education real estate program in the State of New Jersey.

The Master of Business Administration Real Estate Concentration is designed to meet the needs of those whose careers center around the commercial real estate industry and are seeking advanced knowledge in the areas of real estate valuation, finance, lease, law, and development, as well as a solid business background. Monmouth also offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Real Estate where students are exposed to finance, development, law, construction, and all facets of the real estate business.

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