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Marcus & millichap hosts 1031 exchange information seminar

CONSHOHOCKEN, PA — Marcus & Millichap, in conjunction with the MacLaren | Talone | Townsend team, hosted an informational seminar on “The 1031 Exchange: Explained” providing an overview of Section 1031 in commercial real estate. The seminar was held on May 11, 2016 in Conshohocken, PA. The featured speaker, Margo McDonnell, of 1031 Corp., gave an overview explaining the benefits of 1031 exchanges, the requirements of a successful exchange, as well as the tax consequences. McDonnell has over 22 years of experience in the 1031 industry and was awarded the “The Margo McDonnell Certified Exchange Specialist (CES) Perpetual Award for Outstanding Service” in 2010 by the CES Certification Council. “We consider ourselves advisors,” said Clarke Talone, senior associate at Marcus & Millichap. “The event was not only to network with our clients but we viewed it as an opportunity to provide them with information to help them grow their portfolio. Attendees undoubtedly found it very beneficial through Margo’s real deal stories and industry expertise.” Other speakers included Marcus & Millichap’s Derrick Dougherty, senior associate, who gave examples of clients who have benefited from 1031 exchanges. “1031 exchanges are a strategy implemented by all types of investors.” said Dougherty. “In most cases, the investor is trading out of an asset with management component into a net leased deal where the tenant is responsible for the real estate taxes, insurance and CAM. We add value to our clients by understanding the rules and regulations under section 1031 and controlling a significant portion of the inventory in this part of the country. This increases the probability of a successful exchange for our clients to accomplish their goal of deferring their tax consequence and preserving their equity.”

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