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  • By Bob Kilroy, Jewel Electric

Facility First Aid

Most commercial facilities as well as households have a first aid kid at the ready for any minor accident. Cuts, scrapes and burns are common injuries; with the appropriate supplies on hand minor emergencies can be addressed quickly and not escalate into major emergencies. Many facility mangers believe that by protecting your employees and the people you care about with a well-stocked first-aid kit – a minor injury does not have to turn into a major incident. Why wouldn’t you as a property owner of facility manage want to protect your facility with the same level of care as the people who work there? Consider a “Facility First-Aid Kit”. A kit customized to meet the needs of your facility or for that matter your home. The kit might contain common fuses, latex or work gloves, safety vest, protective clothing, eye protection, protective breathing devices, ty-raps, common connectors, lubricants, tapes,…..the possibilities are endless but the results would be the same, minimize your risk and get the facility back on line sooner rather than later. Facility First-Aid Kits are useful to have on hand for several reasons. • The Response Time to get your facility back on line will be dramatically improved. Think about your facility going dark because of a blown fuse. People scrambling trying to find a fuse that will get you back on line, maybe making an emergency trip to the store paying full retail price if not higher. Now re-picture that same scenario where you go to your “Facility First-Aid Kit” and while you may not have the exact replacement fuse you do have one that will work in the interim: restore the circuit and then shop for the correct fuse at the best price. You, the facility manager become the hero. • Risk management will sleep better knowing that you as the facility manage are prepared, increasing employee safety. Emergencies create an environment of people making knee jerk reactions. A customized “Facility First-Aid kit” helps prevent those knee-jerk “let’s try this” solutions. • Your building and the people who work in it would be better protected by knowing there is a ready to go kit for any emergency. • Cost savings by not needing to find quick fix solutions and pay retail price will make you, the facility manager, a hero to the bean counters in your organization. • Accidents are always unplanned and unexpected however, your response to them should never be unplanned or delayed. I ask you again, why not have a well-stocked customized first-aid kit on hand? A kit stocked with all of those items that could potentially protect your facility from further injuries? Whether you are thinking about a small facility first aid kit for your home, or something more substantial for work, call us at Jewel Electric supply to get you started and get the best “Facility First-Aid Kit” for your property. You’ll feel better knowing you are prepared for any emergency. Bob Kilroy is the VP at Jewel Electric Supply Co. in Jersey City, NJ.

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