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The Best Architecture of 2017

DMR Architects

Joseph M. Sanzari, Inc. Corporate Hackensack, NJ

Type of project: New Construction Size: 10,000 SF DMR completed the new corporate headquarters for Joseph M. Sanzari, Inc. (JMS), a leading New Jersey contractor. The new construction project resulted in state-of-the-art corporate office that is functional and sustainable, and brought life to a previously underutilized heavy equipment yard. The 10,000 square foot building consists of 20 offices, conference rooms and support spaces, and the building provides for more employees to be located within a single location for efficiency and ease of operations. Large communal spaces were designed into the facility, including a staff lounge/break room and covered outdoor seating area. Why was this particular job your favorite/most unusual? This project was one of the favorites of 2017 because it gave our designers the opportunity to design an interior office space, unlike some of the designs we commonly see. In this case, the client embraced bold colors and design choices, and integrated many special details, including a staircase supported by staircase rungs of steel rebar and a personalized lighting fixture, which includes the company name.

Retnauer Baynes Associates, LLC Type of project: New Construction Size: 10,000 SF

Type of project: Multi-Family Historical Building Size: 15,000 SF An amazing transformation has taken place to Norfolk’s skyline. Our design team repurposed the Historical Bank of America building to create Icon Norfolk; one of the most innovative and full-featured luxury apartment buildings on the east coast. Carefully following historical guidelines, our team developed a state of the art facility, while emphasizing the historical nature of the building. While the highest residential rooftop amenity in Virginia was added, the existing banking center was converted to community space, including the original vaults. Fifty-year-old marble and the original escalators are featured prominently in the new design. Why was this particular job your favorite/most unusual? Being able to repurpose such an Iconic building to make it once again a focal point in the city is a once in a lifetime project.

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