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The Best Environmental/Engineering of 2017

Atlantic Environmental Solutions

Full-Service Environmental Consulting Firm

Type of Company: Full-service environmental consulting firm, specializing in complex environmental laws and regulations in New York/New Jersey and across the United States. How does the commercial real estate field benefit from your services/products: Today’s commercial real estate market is largely influenced by environmental concerns: Extensive liabilities resulting from leaking underground storage tanks, buried industrial waste, poor quality fill material, improper handling of hazardous materials, historic PCB usage and spills have significantly changed the way business is conducted with regards to the ownership/development, management and transfer of commercial real estate. Substantial demand for industrial properties in the New Jersey/New York marketplace today, coupled with a high turnover of these assets, is fueling the need for firms that specialize in complex environmental laws and regulations. Over the past 20 years, AESI’s impact has been felt throughout the region in projects where it has played a pivotal role in returning contaminated industrial properties back to beneficial use. Significant projects have ranged from asbestos evaluation for 1,500 properties in 47 states for a national retailer to evaluating 1,500 homes impacted by Super Storm Sandy including LSRP services for a city in Hudson County; and over 100 remediation projects for Newark and Port Elizabeth-related industrial and logistics businesses. AESI targets its services to the areas of industrial and commercial property transactions. Consequently, its staff is specifically trained to perform due diligence and remediation services in this arena. This gives AESI a distinct advantage over other consulting firms that are not as specialized, enabling it to be more efficient and cost-effective in identifying critical issues that need to be resolved as a part of a real estate transaction.

RGS Associates, Inc. Lime Spring Square Lancaster County, PA

Type of project: Commercial\Industrial\Medical\Green Infrastructure Size: 98 acres; 642,000 SF of building area RGS Associates provided site master planning, landscape architecture, and civil engineering services for the Lime Spring Square project in Lancaster County, PA - a 642,000 SF mixed use development with a $125 million construction budget. The 98-acre development features 25 retail, commercial, warehousing, and medical office uses surrounding the 12-acres of restored floodplain that balances economic development with ecological benefits for the community. RGS provided site amenity design services that included feature signage and a unified, harmonious landscape design package. Reaching the project’s development goals required a regional approach to stormwater management and collaboration with federal, state, and local permitting agencies. 4,350 LF of floodplain restoration and smaller best management practices were integrated into the site design to eliminate the need for large, traditional stormwater basins while still meeting municipal MS4 stormwater requirements. This regional stormwater approach maximized the efficient use of developable land and delivered a sensitively designed, high quality business, industrial and retail environment.

Stout & Caldwell Engineering, LLC

Main Street at Marlton Apts. Marlton, NJ

Location: 42 East Main Street, Marlton, NJ Type of project: Mixed Use – Residential and Commercial/Retail Site Size: 3 +/- acres with 36,357 SF residential and 4,000 SF retail space South Jersey home builder and community developer, Bob Meyer Communities Inc., engaged Stout & Caldwell to provide comprehensive civil engineering, environmental and surveying services for a new mixed use residential and retail site. This included conceptual and major site planning, boundary and topographic surveys, stormwater design, Phase I & II Environmental, permitting and planning board testimony. Located on 3 +/- acres in the heart of Marlton, the newly constructed Main Street Apartments at Marlton is home to 24 apartments/condos, 4,000 SF in retail space and a parking garage. The Stout & Caldwell project team worked hand-in-hand with Barton Partners Architects Planners Inc. and Shropshire Traffic Engineering.

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