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The Best Public Relations and Marketing Firm of 2017

Caryl Communications, Inc. Publications and Marketing

What type of Services do you specialize in? Media, Social Media, Speaking Opportunities, Awards and Events How does the Commercial RE field benefit from your services/products? Caryl Communications provides credible promotion of companies and their brands/services and activities; acknowledgement of their achievements and educating their prospects and referral sources. Caryl Communications (Caryl) has over three decades of experience, with a proven track record of successful, creative and dedicated service. We represent real estate clients in all areas of business including, but not limited to: owners and developers, investors, construction entities, architects, leasing and investment brokers. Caryl has established a strong reputation with media covering the industry, and we have expanded our services to benefit the real estate companies. Our clients’ industry prominence, brand recognition and expanding target audiences are evidence of Caryl’s public relations/media relations expertise, particularly in this niche. Caryl’s clients consistently earn recognition and dominate venues within real estate and business events.

Greer Enterprises, Inc. Public Relations//Marketing/Business Development

What Type of Services do you specialize in: Commercial and residential real estate public relations and marketing. How does the Commercial RE field benefit from your services: Commercial real estate is our favorite sector. We interact effectively with our clients and encourage dialogue between brokers, tenants, prospective clients and referral sources. We partner with our clients and navigate the media landscape with them as a team. Greer Enterprises has over 25 years of public relations business experience. Our firm has a history of working within the many facets of the commercial real estate industry. Figuring out what and how to communicate the clients message is our core competence. The formula that has worked for our clients emphasizes an integrated, multichannel communication plan that combines active communications with earned media placements. We integrate traditional public relations with digital media. The key word is “integration” and by partnering with our clients we develop strategies that work. It is important that deals and transactions are in the news, and we offer expert writing and communication skills coupled with an integrated, multi-channel platform that covers all the bases. We’ve seen disruptions in the field in the past 10 years that have radically changed the focus and reinvention of buildings, land and towns throughout the country, especially in New Jersey and New York. We are here to help our clients navigate these changes. Whether our client is a developer, investor or brokerage firm we partner with them to hone their strategic message, to effectively reach and secure new business opportunities.

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