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Best Place to Work of 2017

Over the past decade Atlantic Environmental Solutions Inc. (AESI) has grown its scope of services and professional staff at an unpresented pace. The firm also posted a fourfold increase in revenue during this same period. Since its inception the Hoboken, N.J.-based firm has handled over $50 million in industrial and commercial projects at more than 5,000 client locations across 47 states. AESI represents roughly 1.5 percent of the productivity under the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) Program. To date, the firm has closed 140 LSRP matters and has 270 total LSRP projects. With no sign of a market slowdown on the horizon, AESI plans to continue growing over the next decade by expanding its professional staff as well as the footprint of properties it remediates.

Skanska USA’s Mid-Atlantic offices in Philadelphia, PA and Washington, DC are committed to a healthy work environment for our employees. Our company takes pride in the work we do and the values that define us: Skanska’s Core Values. These values not only shape the image of our company, but the reputation and lives of our employees as well. These values include: • Care for Life • Act Ethically and Transparently • Be Better – Together • Commit to Customers

Many companies preach the importance of safety – especially companies in the construction industry – but Skanska practices what it preaches every day. Skanska aims to create a culture that empowers all employees to prevent accidents so they get home safely to their families each and every day. All of Skanska’s jobsites and offices in the U.S. participate in a morning exercise called Stretch & Flex, designed to prepare workers both mentally and physically for the workday. In addition to being the safe thing to do, Stretch & Flex is an opportunity for everyone to come together in the morning and an opportunity for managers to engage with their workforce. We are proud of our excellent safety record - in 2015, the average industry contractor had more than three lost-time accidents for every one experienced at Skanska USA. At Skanska, we also feel that a culture of inclusion ensures that everyone can feel respected, valued and able to do their best work. We recruit our workforce from diverse segments of the community to reflect the changing demographics of our nation and our community. Skanska has a successful track record involving minority and women-owned subcontractors on its projects in the region and nationwide. What some of the firm’s most attractive benefits? Skanska encourages active learning and continuous personal and professional development is a corporate value at Skanska. With our Great Boss program, we aim to ensure all employees receive the same positive, forward-growing career experience. As each team member’s skills improve, so does the level of service to our clients.

DMR Architects is a Best Place to Work as the company is committed to cultivating a positive work environment both inside and outside the office. Staff members are supported professionally and personally. A positive and supportive work environment is created within the office and company outings and events occur frequently. What some of the firm’s most attractive benefits? In addition to competitive salaries, health insurance plans and 401k options, some of the employee’s favorite perks include summer hours, birthday bagels, company happy hours, large group games at lunch, bowling and golf nights, a pontoon summer boat ride, a summer BBQ, the annual ugly sweater contest, the annual pumpkin carving contest, baby and wedding showers and birthday celebrations.

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