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  • Michael Mullin, Integrated Business Systems

Why the Cloud makes sense for construction & development firms

If you are in the construction or commercial real estate development business, you know that the right equipment is key to a successful project – and ultimately to the long-term health of your company. It is a given that you would not use a shovel for a job that calls for a backhoe. So, ask yourself why you continue to rely on your legacy accounting system instead of stepping up to a new, cloud-based solution with software designed specifically for your industry. Today’s best cloud-based ERP systems can handle the full range of project and accounting management needs, providing real-time views and consolidating data in one complete back-office system. They also deliver seamless integration of multiple processes (including job costing, contracts, change orders, document management, compliance, retainage, inventory and customer management). And they make all of this available wherever you are, whenever you need it.

You may be wondering which cloud solution to choose, and which type of deployment makes the most sense for your construction or development business. Cost, security, maintenance and implementation also are typical concerns. However, many of these issues are addressed in “Clearing the ERP Clouds,” a free white paper prepared by tech industry research and consulting firm SMB Group – for IBS strategic partner Acumatica. The guide covers topics like:

• The top eight reasons your smartest competitors are choosing cloud ERP.

• Which of three types of cloud ERP deployment is best for you.

• What “Faux Cloud” is and how to avoid falling for it.

• Why everything you’ve heard about cloud security may be wrong.

• How to make sure you never get stuck with outdated software again.

“Clearing the Clouds” is a detailed resource geared to small and medium-sized businesses interested in migrating to the cloud. It provides information about the technology construction and development firms need today.SMB Group notes: “The business and technology landscape is evolving rapidly. To stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on these shifts…construction firms need a new, more flexible approach to manage core business processes and gain the competitive edge that makes or breaks business results.

”To learn more and download the white paper, visit or email

Michael Mullin is president of Integrated Business Systems in Totowa, NJ.

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