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Energesco adds electric vehicle charging stations

Alexandria, VA — Energesco Solutions LLC, a provider of energy and water conservation measures to the commercial and multifamily real estate industries in the Mid-Atlantic, Southeastern and Rocky Mountain regions, announces the recent installation of seven electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at commercial real estate properties across Virginia, Maryland and Colorado. With electric vehicles in the U.S. forecast to account for 15% - 30% of new vehicles by 2030*, EV charging stations provide an increasingly valuable amenity to tenants and residents in both commercial and multifamily properties.

With the unprecedented demand for electric vehicles, EV charging stations improve the overall desirability and sustainability of commercial and multifamily properties. In addition, they serve as a powerful marketing tool for attracting eco-minded tenants and residents.

“The opportunity to provide the additional service offering of EV charging stations was a natural step for Energesco as we seek to continually offer our clients innovative products and services,” said William Bennett, Energesco’s CEO. “Measures such as the EV charging station improve tenant experiences while enhancing both our clients’ assets and bottom lines.

”Energesco is an independent provider of comprehensive energy efficiency and water conservation measures, and distributed power generation systems.

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