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The Best Interior Architecture of 2017

Murray Associates Architects, P. C. Bruce E. Cooper Student Reno. Harrisburg Area Community College

Location: Harrisburg, PA Size: 67.000 gsf The original 1968 Center supported 7,500 students but now serves over 25,000 students annually. Recent deficiencies had surfaced and there was a dire need for a more collaborative environment for the Commuter Students. Murray Associates worked with the Administration to develop the new programming and provided multiple different Studies to the College. The renovated Student Center is now a New One-Stop Welcome Center, consolidating educational services as a strategic asset enhancing educational opportunities. It provides a Learning Commons: access to on-campus staff, student services, club activities; collaborative learning; engagement in other social activities, and a revised food venue. The Student Center was a complete interior transformation as the needs of the 1960’s commuter and today’s Millennial commuter student are completely different. Innovative technologies and how students learn and socialize have completely changed. We were honored to be the catalyst for the Centers transition into the 21st Century.

Gacek Design Group The Signature House New Hope PA

Type of project: New Construction Size: 3,600 SF The Signature House introduces a Belgian style farmhouse design to a historic New Hope neighborhood. The interior architecture is modern, and clean-lined. The overall use of color and materials is classic and contrasting. White, obsidian black, charcoal and polished chrome reflect an understated, yet dramatic interior. Custom architectural details include high transom windows with simple lines of the shaker-style cabinetry. Maple wood frames key areas for focal points. Vintage elements like reclaimed French glass doors, antique chandeliers, and wood panel coffers add interest. Lighting plays a major role in the design through the use of ambient, task and accent lighting. Why was this particular job your favorite/most unusual? The Signature House gives a unique look to the neighborhood, and balances the charm of historic New Hope PA with unique character of a Classic European farmhouse design.

The Aztec Group

Withum Whippany, NJ

Withum, a leading Accounting firm with over 950 employees throughout the country, continued to develop its office facility paradigm shift in the relocation of 150 staff to over 47,000 SF of Class A office space at 1 Tower Center in East Brunswick, NJ. Starting with the design parameters created for their Whippany, NJ relocation 6 months earlier which were a total deviation from past office designs, The Aztec Corporation’s team of David J. Fournier and Amany Girgis guided the Withum-East Brunswick team in the refinement of Withum’s corporate direction to reflect their local team’s culture and workstyle. Teaming up again with Dancker’s DIRTT and Kimball team, the new facility was designed to be a warm and inviting home away from home for both employees and clients. Reception and conferencing facilities are appointed with state-of-art audio/visual capabilities along with a client hospitality center, all created within meticulously detailed DIRTT modular partitioning. Staffing areas are equally upgraded with a Town-Center multi-function space complete with a well-appointed food and beverage area, a variety of seating arrangements, multi-functional audio/visual equipment, and gaming areas that provide well deserved down time and in-house competitions. Workspaces are reflective of the company’s paradigm shift from traditional office space to one that offers daylight and expansive views to all employees.

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