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  • By Michael Sylvester, EWMA

SECUR-IT® program combines business, insurance, and technical elements to manage risk & meet ove

The commercial and industrial real estate market in New Jersey is healthy and currently growing. Due to the lack of developable land and the strong economy in the state, developers are now looking to develop brownfield properties that are usually passed over due to environmental concerns. The need for brownfield sites to be developed into residential, commercial and industrial buildings is being driven by two trends: the desire people have to live near urban areas and the need for warehouse space to fulfill the demand generated by internet-based businesses. This year has already proven to be one of the best times for developers to pursue redevelopment of brownfield properties. Brownfield redevelopment is a key component in building strong local economies in New Jersey, as it returns unusable properties back to uses that benefit the community. There is a great amount of support on both the local and State level for redevelopment of these properties that have environmental legacies.

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