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  • By Matthew Leonelli, Sheldon Gross Realty, Inc

View from New Jersey: Not all commercial real estate is created equal

As a company that has operated successfully in New Jersey for the past 58 years, there’s not much Sheldon Gross Realty, Inc. hasn’t experienced within our home state’s real estate sector. And we’re pleased to report that, even with our long history of involvement in the New Jersey commercial real estate market, we’re currently enjoying one of the busiest periods since the company’s inception. Sheldon Gross Realty successfully markets properties across all building types. Our presence in every sector has hammered home for us the reality that not all commercial real estate is created equal. Land development in New Jersey remains costly and time-consuming. From the initial purchase and the obtaining of approvals, right up to completion of construction, the entire process often takes years. That said, however, the overwhelming demand for new space and institutional grade investment properties enables those with patience and the economic means to enjoy great success in our market.

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