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A conversation about common sense, courtesy, manners, etiquette and technology

January 1st of 2018, I started to count drivers when I showed my courtesy by a wave or flicker of lights to cut them a break in traffic. Out of the first ten drivers three acknowledged my gesture with a thank you wave or flicker of lights. This number has held true since I have been counting and that means 70 % of us need to take a look in the mirror. My article is as much about the craziness of cell phones as it is about courtesy. Like the popularity of the audible F-Bomb in public or leaving your fast food trash all over the parking lot. People walking like robots across the street phone in hand and I have to stop even when my light is green.Generally speaking this is a conversation about common sense, courtesy, manners, etiquette and technology. Recently, I have been reading a book titled, The One Thing at a time. A chapter about Multitasking really made me think about something. Multitasking a term originally used referring to computer systems in the 1960’s.


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