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  • By George Crawford, Green Partners

LL 88 and LL 134 – Suggestions for Hotels & Assisted Living Facilities upgrading to LED

If your building has not already upgraded to LED lighting, this article may be useful in terms of developing your own plan for a LED retro-fit. Local Law 88 and Local Law 134 require that all buildings - 25,000 sf or larger - upgrade to energy efficient LED lighting. While it is still a few years until these lighting upgrades are mandated, these projects pay for themselves so quickly that prudent building owners will want to implement them as soon as possible.The financial benefit of LED upgrades for Hotels and Assisted Living Facilities are especially compelling, as they are required to upgrade the entire building to LED, which includes both common areas as well as all living areas, including hotel guest rooms. This requirement does not apply to multifamily residential buildings, where the LED upgrade requirement is limited to common areas only – not the residential units. As a result, and LED upgrade project for both hotels and assisted living facilities is significantly larger, but interestingly, has the potential for more significant savings and faster paybacks – usually in the range of 1-2 years compared to 2-3 years for most residential buildings.

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