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  • By Lisa Cassidy, ecoImagine

Three ways every business can reduce waste and save on trash removal

Twenty-four years ago USA Hostels opened its doors to the world’s travelers by offering affordable accommodations in several US destinations. Since then, they have received many industry awards and top rankings by HostelWorld, HostelBookers and Trip Advisor. In addition to their hospitality achievements, USA Hostels also achieved a lesser known accomplishment – an honorary five gold star rating for 10 years of exceptional waste management. They did it through precycling, recycling and in-bin trash compaction. What is Precycling? If you have ever used your own bags, bins, purchased digital media instead of physical DVDs, or bought in bulk, you have participated in precycling. Precycling is way to reduce waste by not acquiring it in the first place. By allowing guests to share or rent items instead of buying them, by purchasing food and drinks for the hostel in bulk and by using reusable containers, USA Hostels encouraged precycling as part of their day-to-day operations.

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