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  • By Casey Murphy, NCIDQ, HF Planners

Workplace Acoustics: Think outside the box

As open office space becomes more common, functional acoustics are becoming less so. With the removal of traditional framed walls, ceilings and soft panel systems-- bench style work stations and open ceilings become more popular, designers are finding a need to think outside the standard box. Sound generated by densely packed employees has no place to go, and is bounced all over the space, creating Noise. Noise is detrimental to a productive workforce, in the form of decreased productivity and focus with increased stress (LoBosco). Often this problem is not addressed until after a new design has been constructed and the workforce has moved in. Whether this is an oversight, or scope is reduced due to costs or aesthetics, the key is to combat the issue before it becomes an employee complaint and adds additional costs to the project.

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