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  • Altoona-Blair County Development Corporation

Thinking Really Big: Investment Capital Means Human Capital in First Frontier

On April 9, 2018 the City of Altoona realized its largest capital investment for a single building project ever in the Altoona Area School District (AASD) Board’s approval of an $88 million new state-of-the-art school building. Most importantly, they shouted to our mountain tops that we are “all in” on our community’s future success, competitiveness, the smarts and hearts for generations of our kids, and our ability to attract new business investment, and talent. Their decision said a lot and none of it was about living the past.Talent, Education, Quality of Place, Future Capacity: these are consistently among the top factors that people and businesses (they are one in the same) consider when choosing a location to live, buy a home, invest or start-up businesses. This new school impacts all of these things, while sending a message to Blair County expats and potential newcomers that our community, Blair County, PA, the First Frontier, is further positioning itself for the future – it’s time to come home, invest, and become rooted.“The new building will give our students the opportunity to build 21st century technology and problem-solving skills that in turn will make them strong employees and innovative thinkers for the current and future businesses in Blair County,” said Dr. Charles Prijatlj, AASD Superintendent.

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