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  • RT New Day introduces 2018 market update

Environmental & Construction-related professional liability trends

RT New Day has unveiled the 2018 Market Update, an annual assessment of environmental and construction-related professional liability industry trends and challenges. Dedicated to helping agents, brokers, and their clients navigate the complex commercial insurance marketplace, the 2018 Market Update provides the information necessary for identifying optimal risk management solutions.“Each year, we survey our expert staff to define the state-of-the-marketplace and offer insights into this highly-specialized field,” said Jefferey Lejfer, president at RT New Day. “In addition to identifying specific market trends, the 2018 Market Update reviews the strategies needed to overcome challenges and protect against the risks that can potentially financially cripple businesses, delay projects, and create long-term credibility issues for construction professionals and owners.”“Our primary goal is to help our clients devise the best possible risk management strategies in the ever-changing environmental and construction-related professional liability industry,” adds Jeff Slivka, RT New Day’s president – National Environmental and Construction Professional Practice. “All of our experts had a hands-on roll in analyzing present market conditions and reporting on the policy enhancements and introductions that are best-suited for limiting the consequences of errors and omissions that are increasingly commonplace in today’s litigious commercial building environment.

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