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  • A registered professional chemical engineer

Precis Engineering hires Kristina Pumphrey, PE

Ambler, PA | Cary, NC — Precis Engineering, Inc., an MEP engineering firm headquartered in Ambler has hired veteran process engineer and operations excellence executive Kristina Pumphrey, PE, to manage and grow the firm’s newly created process engineering group. Pumphrey joined the leadership team in April.“Kristina is an accomplished change-agent and a strategic leader,” said Precis principal Vincent O’Brien, PE. “She has a keen eye for identifying improvement opportunities. We are confident that her process engineering expertise will immediately support efficiency and cost-effectiveness for our clients.”Process engineers are responsible for designing, implementing, and optimizing industrial processes for efficiency, quality, and safety. As an engineering leader in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, Precis Engineering relies on process engineering to help clients improve product quality and bring drugs to market safely and efficiently. Pumphrey is a registered professional chemical engineer with nearly two decades of industry experience in process engineering for life sciences, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology clients. Her broad knowledge base spanning industry technologies includes material handling, potent compounds, and hazard analysis. Among other roles, she has led process engineering for a greenfield cell culture facility, managed and served as in-field technical liaison for construction of a vaccine manufacturing facility, and managed on-site process engineering operations for a bulk API manufacturing facility.

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