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  • By Robert Cohen, Earth Treks Planet Granite

The benefits of blending tenants from a variety of industries

In today’s development market, a focus on collaboration and community is key. More modern retail centers are incorporating tenants from a variety of industries, and they are recognizing the benefits that these opportunities offer. These spaces boost tenant success by drawing a diverse crowd - attracting customers who may have otherwise not have patronized the businesses.This is perfectly exemplified in Baltimore’s Union Collective, where a variety of tenants are taking over a space in hopes of providing a one-stop locale for people to shop, eat, and recreate. The space, formerly a Sears Roebuck warehouse, is set to open in May and is expected to attract new local interest in the variety of tenants, which include Well Crafted Pizza, Union Craft Brewing, The Charmery Ice Cream, Vent Coffee Roasters, Earth Treks Climbing and Fitness, and Huckle’s Hot Sauce.These opportunities benefit not only the tenants, who receive increased business due to a variety of cross-traffic, but they also benefit the community as a whole. Along with providing diverse options – which creates a more efficient and exciting shopping trip - they also provide a unique experience which goes far beyond that of an average shopping center.

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