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  • By Rodger A. Ferguson, Jr.

New Jersey moves to clean up and reuse

If you have travelled through New Jersey in recent years, you may have noticed a difference. Maybe you saw an old factory is gone, that a new town center has opened, or a new residential high-rise or school is under construction in places like Camden, Passaic, Newark, and Jersey City, or even right in your home town. Throughout the state, New Jersey is cleaning contaminated sites and turning them into productive, attractive facilities - and the state’s Licensed Site Remediation Professionals (LSRPs) are proud to be part of this success. By the summer of 2017, New Jersey reached a milestone - 10,000 environmental cleanups under the Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA) of 2009, which created the LSRP program. This summer, the state may reach 12,000 environmental cleanups and 13,000 by the beginning of 2019 if the trends continue.LSRPs, a new concept in 2009, are now an integral part of New Jersey’s environmental remediation process. They identify and document the steps necessary for remediation, keeping projects on track to meet the timeframes of both regulators and the parties seeking to bring properties back to productive use.

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