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  • By Alan A. Shamah, Shamco Management Corp

The current state of the multifamily market

What is your outlook on the current state of your industry today? The multi-family real estate business is no longer a cottage industry. Because of technology, there are some big players. Because of this and the popularity of people moving back to cities, we believe there is opportunity outside of NY and NJ. Because of the ripple effect that always comes along with any movement in the markets. In this case it is an upward affect. Where do you see it going in 2018 and beyond? We see more interest from our family office investor base to expand out of what was considered core cities into secondary markets. As great as NYC is to invest in, it is not the only game in town today. Where do you think the opportunity for growth is?Places where there is work for the tenants to pay the rent and all other expenses. People need to be able to have a good life where they live and that means good jobs must be available.

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