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  • By Steve Schrum, Kinsley Construction, Inc.

Tackling the construction skills gap

Construction is among the many trade industries currently in dire need of new, trained employees. In addition to the lack of individuals who are trained and ready to enter the workforce, the number of employees preparing to retire adds to a long list of trade positions that companies are looking to fill. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is also projecting a 22% growth in construction by 2022, likely requiring even more employees to enter the field. Finding a solution to the skills gap remains a top priority in order for contractors and subcontractors to keep our business afloat. A proactive approach Before the skills gap phenomenon became the crisis it is today, Kinsley saw a need to attract more people to the industry and teach essential construction skills and standards. In 2000, we kickstarted their own Apprenticeship Program, offering three- and four-year programs in carpentry, ironworking and highway and bridge construction. By combining on-site fieldwork with classroom training, apprentices become certified Journeymen with the hands-on experience required to launch their career. The programs also offer cross-training in concrete finishing, scaffolding, industrial welding, plumbing and electrical.

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