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  • A Mentor in the ACE Mentoring program

Q&A with Cruikshank, civil engineer at DiPrete Engineering

Q: Prior to joining DiPrete Engineering’s team, what were you doing? A: Before joining the DiPrete Engineering team over two years ago, I was an active student at the University of Rhode Island. During my senior year I had the exciting opportunity to be the president for the school’s Institute of Transportation Engineer’s chapter (ITE), as well as the teacher’s assistant for a Highway Engineering class. Q: Why did you choose to go into the engineering field? A: Ever since I was a kid I always found myself taking things apart and figuring out how and why they worked. I’d always go off the beaten path to see if there was a way to innovate something that I believed could be improved. Being a civil engineer allows a new opportunity every day to ask the “how” and “why” questions that help me grow professionally and create the best possible outcome for our clients.

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