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Hurley Auctions celebrates 25 years in business

GREENCASTLE, PA — The Hurley Auctions legacy started back when its founder and president, Matthew Hurley was just a young boy. Some boys dream of becoming a policeman or a firefighter when they grow up, but Matt Hurley had his sights set on something different. His desire to be an auctioneer started when his father, Gene, took 5-year-old Matt to a farm auction. “All the way home, I remember saying, ‘When I grow up, I'm going to be an auctioneer.’” In 1982 Matt conducted his first non-paid auction at a family reunion. In high school, his guidance counselor wasn't sure how to help the teen achieve his dream. “There’s not much you can do as a guidance counselor to help someone that wants to be an auctioneer because you had to be an apprentice at the time in Pennsylvania,” Hurley said. “I tried, but no one would sponsor me because they didn't want competition.

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