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  • By Gary R. Brown, LSRP, PE, QEP

Methane controls being evaluated by the natural gas industry

There has been recent focus on the amount of natural gas emitted from methane production while it is being drawn from the ground, pressurized and processed, and ultimately distributed and used as a fuel. This article focuses on current methane gas emissions from the oil and gas industry, how methane gas could be better controlled, and how it can possibly be captured and sold in world markets. Methane is emitted from a variety of natural and human influenced resources. Methane is a constituent of natural gas, an important and growing energy source. What are the key parts of the natural gas industry that may be of concern with respect to methane emission? Production, gathering and processing, transmission, and distribution are the parts of the natural gas industry where methane gas may be generated and/or emitted. Emissions primarily result from normal operations, routine maintenance, fugitive leaks, and system upsets. Emissions can occur through intentional venting or unintentional leaks.

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