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  • Founded in 2004 by childhood friends

Hollister identifies & develops the next generation of leaders

Founded in 2004 by childhood friends, Kieran Flanagan and Christopher Johnson, the goal for Hollister Construction Services (Hollister) has always been to identify and develop the next generation of leaders. Leaders to build Hollister of the future and to continue growing our culture. Consistent with this goal, the executive team has worked extremely hard on implementing the succession plan which will allow Hollister to continue to succeed well in to the future. An industry veteran, Chris also holds key roles in other leading businesses and philanthropies. Chris made the decision to step away from the day-to-day management he’s been involved with since day one. He is passing the torch to the new generation of leadership—Brendan Murray, Matt Higgins and Joe Furey. Brendan Murray is now president, the 3rd president in the history of Hollister. Brendan has been leading the company for the past six months and will lead for years to come. Brendan will continue to grow the culture internally and externally—a culture that has been unique and huge differentiator. We are in hands of a great leader.

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