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  • By Bob Kilroy, Jewel Electric Supply

After the Storm: How do you prepare differently today than you did pre Sandy?

Six years ago, many communities in New Jersey were devastated by Hurricane Sandy. October 29, 2012 will live in the minds and hearts of New Jersians forever. Some remembering it for the tragic loss of property that was experienced and others for the extraordinary acts of kindness and heroism they were part of or witnessed. Either way the facts are the facts; Sandy, the most intense storm of that year made land fall in New Jersey on October 29th causing unimaginable damages. There were estimated economic losses to businesses of close to $30 billion and uncalculatable personal losses including some lost lives.

More than 350,000 homes were damaged or destroyed and over two million households lost power as a result of the storm. Many who lost power were without power for multiple days, the average household was without power for seven days while some went weeks before power could be restored. One could only imagine the demand for batteries, generators and any other self-powered light sources those outages caused. People were simply just not prepared for the aftermath of a severe storm like Sandy. Individuals, homeowners and businesses scrambled to find solutions that would get their lives and properties back on track. There was hardly anyone in New Jersey or the surrounding area who was not touched by the effects of this Hurricane.

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