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  • By Michael Mullin, Integrated Business Systems

What can a multi-cloud environment do for your business?

Multi-cloud environments are becoming increasingly popular in the business world – and for good reason. Consider this feedback from a recent MIT Technology Review survey. More than 80 percent of the respondents noted increased security resulting from multi-cloud implementation, 80 percent saw agility and efficiency improvements, 78 percent enjoyed cost savings, and more than 75 percent reported this approach eased compliance efforts. So, what is a multi-cloud environment, and how can decision-makers in commercial real estate and construction leverage it to their advantage? The ideal multi-cloud setup employs a mix of public and private cloud-based technology solutions to meet a company’s goals. The objective is to select and implement best-in-class services and applications from different providers, yet that can be used in a synchronized manner. The result is a level of technology functionality that simply cannot be matched with private-only or hybrid setups alone. And the benefits are significant.

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