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  • By Joe Sauers, Sauers Snow and Ice Management

Does Your Snow and Ice Management Company Feel Your Pain?

The process of finding a qualified Snow and Ice Management Company for your property can be a daunting one. The sheer mention of a winter storm shutdown has caused many a sleepless night for Facility Managers (FM). When will the snow start? How much do you think we’ll get? These are the most common (and most normal) questions we get asked leading up to a snow event - and even though we cannot predict the weather with complete certainty, we can predict how to ease the pain that you feel when the snow starts piling up. Take for instance this very common pain point in your industry: Is my Snow Contractor operating in a cost conscious manner? What this question directly implies is a deep concern that the full scope of work of the contract has not been spelled out ahead of time. FM’s often feel pain when there doesn’t seem to be a mutual understanding of auxiliary costs or when the billing process is complicated and not easily interpreted. The challenge here is that snow contracts can be structured in many different ways.

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