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Real Estate Opportunity Is STILL Everywhere

It can be hard to shake the feeling that Real Estate is old news. Fund managers complaining about shrinking cap rates and margins. Dollars shifting into more hyped and exotic assets. A house flipper on every block. Nearly identical pitches from nearly identical firms beginning to run together. True, the days of buy, hold, and become fabulously wealthy are probably gone. As the value and stability of real estate is more recognized by the market at large, there’s simply more competition for traditional deals, and the margins have dropped accordingly. But here’s our take: Real Estate remains one of the most exciting investments out there. You just need to know where to look, be prepared to do some extra work, and take into account changing needs. The need for great spaces and great locations is ever present, but ever changing. At Corniche Capital, we’re constantly thinking about the problems we can solve and the value we can bring, and moving fast to serve the changing needs of how we live, work, and play. We think about cities. How they’re growing in density and sophistication, with a host of new startups trying to deliver new products and services to millions. Which is why we’ve been taking a hard look at urban warehouses, making three acquisitions in the Philadelphia area optimized for last-mile distribution.

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