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  • By Abbey Medin, Barley Snyder

Appraisers, this is how you should work with attorneys

As a real estate attorney, I frequently engage appraisers to value properties for assessment appeals. These appeals come up on an annual basis, so attorneys can be a recurring source of work for appraisers. Here are some tips for working with attorneys when engaged to appraise property for assessment appeals. Understand the project, and offer a courtesy first look. Unlike with appraisals completed in connection with financing, when a client is considering an assessment appeal it may or may not make sense for the client to expend the resources to appeal. The appraisers who offer to do an informal valuation at a discounted rate, to give us an idea whether the appeal is worth pursuing, are the ones I turn to time and time again. In the instances where the assessed value appears reasonable, our clients save significant time and resources when an appraiser is able to tell us that at the outset. While you may not get a full fee if we decide not to pursue an appeal, you will certainly be on our call sheet for the next client.

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