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D2 Capital Advisors Secures $70M Bridge financing to help complete Eric Blumenfeld’s Vision for the

PHILADELPHIA, PA — D2 Capital Advisors, the transaction advisory affiliate of the D2 Organization has secured $70 million in bridge financing to complete developer Eric Blumenfeld’s vision for North Broad Street. The financing was provided by Guggenheim CREF, Susquehanna Investment Group, and the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority. “We are thrilled to begin the next chapter of the North Broad Street story,” said Eric Blumenfeld, president of EBRM, “over the next six to 12 months, this corridor is going to take off like a rocket ship! In addition to the residential component of the Divine Lorraine, we have six new amazing dining establishments underway with prominent locally-based marquis chefs to continue the vision originally started by Marc Vetri at 640 Lofts. Thousands of new office folks, residents, and visitors alike will be converging to this long awaited reawakening of this grand corridor. North Broad Street is about to hit its stride with lights on at every block as we become a 24 hour community that is as diverse as any community in the nation. Our story is as holistic as they come both architecturally and communally; it was a vision originally started by Pastor Herbert Lusk, invigorated by chef Marc Vetri and with the introduction of the federal opportunity zone, we now have a recipe to accelerate the attraction of capital in urban America and I expect that North Broad Street will become the model for bringing people together from all walks of life by creating new jobs in a flourishing community that now has some of the best living and entertainment amenities that the city has to offer. ”

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