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  • By Joe Sauers, Sauers Snow and Ice Management

The 5 essential components to every snow management contract

It’s not uncommon for property owners and facility managers to find themselves in the same dilemma every year about this time – how do I know if I’m comparing apples to apples when it comes to my snow management proposals? As a helpful start, here’s 5 things that every snow contract should contain: Trigger Depth Every snow contract should have a basic starting point – in other words at which point does the snow service begin. In our industry this is called the “trigger depth”. The standard depths in the commercial realm are ½”, 1” or 2”. Keep in mind that not all trigger depths are equal. Comparing a ½” trigger to a 2” is not really a fair comparison because the level of service would be drastically different. For example a service provider working a 1/2’” trigger would probably have crews on-site as the storm begins, whereas the 2” trigger property might not see a crew for hours into a storm.

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