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Take-Aways from the ICSC Philadelphia Retail Deal-Making Conference. Perspective from Rookie Agents

The ICSC Philadelphia Retail Deal-Making Conference was held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on September 5th & 6th. Every year, Metro Commercial sends an army of retail real estate agents and staff to learn a few things, meet some people, talk retail and discuss deals! This year, Metro is introducing the world of ICSC to three new “Rookie” agents who are being trained and mentored by seasoned Metro agents. Metro’s Rookies are trained for 12 months and are assigned to a couple of agents to be trained in Tenant Representation and Agency Leasing. At the end of Metro’s training program, our Rookies graduate to Sales Associates and are ready to represent our tenants and landlords in structuring commercial lease and sale agreements. Here’s what our Rookies had to say about their experience at their first retail real estate conference. Views on Owners & Landlords Retail real estate owners continue to adapt to changing consumer habits and how they shop for goods and services. In reaction, there is a continued focus on leasing to experiential tenants such as fitness, office sharing, and entertainment to attract more consumers to fill vacant space and drive traffic to their shopping center. Owners are noticing the consumer mindset has also been evolving for Millennials and Gen Z, and how they prefer to pick up their goods, relative to time. Millennial’s and Generation Z want their retail purchases immediately, not wait 2 days for it.

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