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  • Will be used to determine limits for each use type

Union Investment develops new Manage to Green strategy

How can the building stock be made virtually climate neutral by 2050? That is the issue long-term investment managers are currently grappling with. The Paris Agreement has now been ratified by 179 countries. In light of this, Union Investment has revised the Sustainable Investment Check (SI Check) it first introduced in 2009, thereby laying the foundation for its new Manage to Green strategy. Going forward, the redesigned SI Check will be used to determine limits for each use type. Properties and development projects that are being considered for acquisition will need to comply with these limits. Additionally, the check will make it possible to define the target values a property must achieve in future in order to meet the German government’s climate protection goals by 2050. The investment necessary to achieve these target values is factored into the due diligence process and is therefore included in the profitability analysis. Union Investment will use these limits and target values to formulate specific CO2 savings targets and other goals for its real estate portfolio at the beginning of 2020 as the core element of its Manage to Green strategy.

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