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  • 30 year veteran helpes 78 clients achieve dream(s)

RE/MAX’s Brett Furman earns the Chairman’s Club Award

St. Davids, PA — After working in any industry for more than 30 years, recognition for one’s achievements goes a long way. For Brett Furman, recent recipient of RE/MAX’s Chairman’s Club Award for 2017, the honor means more than a simple acknowledgement of his success. “Having helped 78 of my clients realize and achieve their real estate dream(s) last year is an honor,” said Furman, who lists and sells properties throughout Suburban Philadelphia. “This award motivates me to be of service to even more clients in 2018!” The Chairman’s Club Award is one of the highest sales award level given by RE/MAX International to sales associates. Of the 3,300 RE/MAX agents in our Pennsylvania Region, only a very small percentage are honored with The Chairman’s Club Award. Upon receiving the humbling recognition, Furman stressed the importance of his entire Group’s support stating, “When you have a team of specialists, each performing a role in which they excel, the results will be greater than the sum of the individual parts.” He said, “Each person works only in the area that compliments their natural strengths and skills. Put simply, our people are very good at what they do.”

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