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  • By Margaret Bicz

Must-Have Qualities of a Professional Cleaning Service

Having a clean work or home environment is beneficial to a building’s overall professional appearance and reputation. From the moment people step out of their cars and into a building, they begin forming an opinion of the property. Do they see maintained, pleasing grounds? Do the windows sparkle? Are the floors well-kept? But selecting the right company to maintain your building can be a challenge. How do you know they will perform well? What sets their service apart from its competitors? Here are the 5 must-have qualities of a professional cleaning service: CREDIBLE REPUTATION Don’t be afraid to ask for references and inquire whether or not they were satisfied, how long they have been working with the company, if they feel that they are reliable, etc. Reputation is quite significant and chatting with their customers firsthand will give you a better feel for their experience.

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